I know who you are. You’re a professional woman, and you’ve achieved much in your life. Money, family, and work–you’ve got it all. Yet, beneath that calm exterior lurks chaos, fear and procrastination.

I know what you want. There’s a desire burning inside you, but fear, lack of clarity and confidence, or old hurts are holding you back. You’re overwhelmed by responsibilities and doubt because you’ve put the needs of others ahead of your own for so long. Achieving your own goals seems impossible.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. I can help you:

  • get out of your way and learn to trust yourself.
  • transform your fear into motivation.
  • turn your stress into strength.
  • shift your previous pain into a powerful purpose that you can pay forward.
  • finally find that self-love, peace and happiness you’ve been looking for your whole life.

It is possible. Through coaching, we can achieve clarity and devise action plans to get you moving. Then, we can use the art of hypnosis to bust through your subconscious blocks and increase your motivation.

Why deprive yourself and the world of your greatness any longer? Call me when you’re ready to free your soul.

 Today is a good day for your spirit to soar!


4 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi, Jennifer. Hypnotarotry begins with a tarot coaching session. Now, my tarot coaching is not a standard tarot reading where you ask a question and I tell you all the answers. It works the opposite. You ask a question, and I ask you questions that help you unlock the card’s meaning and how it applies to your situation. I find this approach much more empowering and more accurate. After the tarot coaching is done, then we can take any empowering images and use them in a hypnosis session, if you like. For instance, if the Fool card (generally depicted as a young man with a knapsack ready to take a leap of faith) was a part of the reading, and you were looking for a way through a problem, we would use his image in the hypnosis. Perhaps you might meet him on a road and have him show you where the next step was and how to succeed at the long journey. We don’t necessarily have to use images from the tarot for the hypnosis part of a hypnotarotry session. However, they often help. Does that help? If you have more questions, please call me at 480-560-2691.

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